This rifle built for a childrens healthcare charity auction started on a Mag Tactical magnesium machined billet lower receiver and electro nickleless boron finish Red X Arms upper receiver (this finish is no longer available to my knowledge, pulled from my extensive parts inventory to match finish on barrel. The barrel was originally a medium profile fluted 18" 1:9 twist 5.56 NATO chamber with electro nickleless boron finish which matched the upper and trigger. Due to interest in this rifle and the price jumping up so much we pulled the milspec barrel and replaced it with an 18" stainless 1:7 twist Wylde match chamber tube which wilol stabilize every bullet choice from the lightest varmint projectiles to the heaviest and longest VLD long range match bullets. Topping off the muzzle is my favorite and almost only muzzle brake I ever use on 5.56 rifles, the PRI Quiet Control Muzzle Brake which has a very unique design that unlike most muzzle brakes deflects sound in a more forward direction than sideways causing anyone shooting to your left or right at the firing line to hate you. Not only has PRI overcome most of the sound issues associated with muzzle brakes they have three ports placed to greatly reduce an AR 15s tendency to climb up and to the right during rapid fire.





    Completing this upper receiver is a DPMS Upper Build kit with charging handle, ejecton port door and forward assist.  The forearm is a  Nordic Components Slotted Customizable Free Float Tube Handguard topped with a Nordic Components 12.5" Top Rail section then Nordic 3.5" rail sections on reach side and bottom for any picatinny rail accessories its future owner may choose to add. The bolt carrier group is a WMD Guns Nickle Boron milspec M16 full auto bolt carier for the utmost in durability with High Pressure Tested/Magnetic Particle Inspected Shot Peened Carpenter 158 bolt. A full auto bolt carrier in no way makes a rifle fully automatic but is rated for military full auto use which makes it virtually indedestructable for use in a sporting rifle plus its extra weight helps keep the bolt locked just a tad longer conributing to better accuracy. Carpenter 158 steel is the gold standard for AR 15 bolts and having them shot peened work hardens them for more durability and the HPT/MPI testing ensures no faulty part gets shipped to the end user. The gas block is an AR Stoner 0.750" low profile for easy clearance with forearm and an AR Stoner milspec mid-length gas tube. Mid length gas system will have a slightly slower cyclic rate than a carbine length and with an 18" barrel gives a very healty dwell time for projectile to travel down barrel after passing gas port.



    The lower is completed with a Mil-Spec AR-STONER Extreme Duty 6-Position Buffer Tube Assembly and Tubbs Chrome Silicone Flatwire Buffer Spring to add utmost reliabulity.  The tail plate AR-STONER Ambidextrous Receiver End Plate Sling Loop for attaching the single point sling which makes a convienent way to varry the rifle witn two, one or no hands and transition from one to the other. The trigger is a Colt Competition Match model  that all mating surfaces were hand fitted as ndescribed on our custom trigger page with a JP 3.5 Enhanced Reliability hammer and disconnector spring for reliabilty igniting military primers and reliable function but uses a JP Low Power trigger spring to keep trigger pull low. Trigger is currently set at a nice smooth 3.0 pounds but based on winner we will adjust it to 2.25 or 2.50 pound pull. Generally even custom rifles only ship with a trigger of less than 4.0 pounds unless client pays extra and why most order a $250 to $300 custom drop in trigger. The only difference in most $99 and $300 triggers is the more expensive triggers parts are hand fit and engagement surfaces are hand fitted with a very specicfic combination of springs. We can take most $79 to $99 triggers, add $20 in custom springs with ninety minutes of hand fitting and it is suddenly as nice or better than many top brand drop in triggers. Like the bolt carrier group and other parts the nickle boron plating is self lubricating to a point so if rifle gets so dirty it needs attention in the field can just wipe down the nickle boron parts and keep running. The safety selector is from a DPMS Lower Build Kit and we used an Ergo overmolded pistol grip with storage compartment. More pictures and information to come. Finishing off the build is a B5 Systems Bravo Stock which is commonly found on a high number of military special ops rifles which is dark green in most photos but was swapped to black as per top two pictures on page to better match the color scheme of the rifle.


   Even as a total doner rifle we did not want to cheap out and leave the winning bidder with no optics and have to spend more money immediately. This rifle is topped with a Leupold 3-9x Mk AR Scope mounted in an AR Stoner one piece cantilever scope mount. Rifle has a set of backup sights mounted at a 45 degree angle so when need just flip up autn rifle a few degrees and go to work. This is not our highest level build but it is more rifle than 95% of avid shooters need and 99% more than most average shooters need. Every part was carefully selected and hand fitted as carefully if it were a $3,000 plus Service Rifle build. This rifle has been test fired to ensure proper function and then cleaned for its eventual owner. We were happy to build this for such a fine charity and it will be ready to run except for sighting in to buyers ammo. The pictures look a bit inconsistent because as mentioned, the more we saw the price climb we decided to tear it down and rebuild with several critical parts such as the barrel upgraded to make this more of a tack driver. If buyer is a long range shooter they may want to swap out scope to a higher power but at 3-9x power it is capable seeing as most special ops snipers use 10x power scopes for shots out well past 1,000 yards. We chose the mid power range to allow a decent field of view for both closer range shots and longer range. Finding a close target with a high power scope can be difficult with the narrow view in a high power scope. There is a reason 3-9x power range is one of the most popular scopes sold and Leupold scopes are a long known gold standard of U.S. made optics.

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