When it comes down to it, real men carry "cocked & locked" single action .45acp's.  Since 1911 all other pistols have aspired to be as good as John Browning's turn of the century design.  Whether a box stock working mans model to a fully customized race gun you just can't argue with nearly a half inch of lead.  Many folks ask me what kind of ammo is best for their .45, my stock answer is whatever feeds, fires and extracts with 100% reliability.  When your lobbing bullets that are almost as big around as your thumb it doesn't really matter who made it. For the moment here is the dirty dozen of first 1911s to be featured.


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a few Randall 1911's

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SIG STX 1911


   When added this SIG 1911 STX in 45 acp to the fleet I realized immediately the beautiful factory installed grips were just to pretty to risk scuffing up plus the super slick finish feels like it could cause issues in wet or high stress situations. I found a set of SIG Tacops grip panels online which I knew from owing a 1911 Tacops TB that they are very "sticky" and were very inexpensive. Before I could muss up the factory grips I just used it as a ramge gun till got the panels swapped out. While it still looks good it has lost a lot of its cosmetic beauty but its more functional as a carry gun and do not have to sweat damaging the original grips which are safely stored in the factory box. This pistol is one of my top five 1911's out of the box before any custom work was done.



   This Commander sized SIG 1911 Double Nickle Compact is another out of the box beauty. It ships in a great lockable hard case and the factory installed grips may have the best feel and grip texture I have ever felt on a set of factory panels. In second photo notice its size compared to a SIG Tacops TB laying directly on top of the bigger gun and next picture shows it above a 5" SIG 1911 Target model. At present I own eight SIG 1911s and not only is the build quality top notch on all they have become my most carried 1911s as my Colt, Randall, Detonics and other older 1911s have grown to $2,000 and much more street value which I leave in the vault except for range and competitive use. Five of the eight after putting the first 500 to 1,000 rounds down the pipe were all sent to the SIG Custom Shop for minor modifications to make each perfectly suit my needs with all coming back with a crisp near perfect 3.5 pound pull trigger. I will build a few pages to profile each of these with their features, function and stunning accuracy. As much as I hate to say this I believe the SIG modified extractor is better than the original John Browning design.



  Unfortunally back in the day when WW2 issue Government Models were plentiful I used this for a custom carry build. The up side is it is still a stunning custom carry pistol but due to me checkering the front of the grip it can never be truely returned to an original appearance gun. It sports a lightened hammer, name brand top line fire control parts for the time frame I built it (mid 1980s) Quadralock bushingless barrel with dual spring set, factory safety and extended slide release. I opened up the notch width on rear sight to allow quicker sight picture by allowing the front blade to jump out loud and proud. This pistol has served me well for over 35 years and cant ever remember it having a failure to feed, fire or extract.