THE Work Truck

     My work truck is a 97 4x4 Dodge Ram.  It is equipped with a 5.9 liter Magnum engine and an automatic transmission.  It currently has 175,000 miles and has been abused about as bad as a truck can be treated and keeps coming back for more.  Other than eating brakes fairly often because of my aggressive driving style it has not required much maintenance over the years.  It has had nothing but Castrol Syntech synthetic oil and K&N oil filters since I purchased it.  I only change the oil every 10,000 miles in this truck because a shorter service interval would mean I would be under the hood way more than I want.  I have only changed the transmission fluid once and used a synthetic additive that has seemed to work very well.  I smoke the tires almost daily, have pulled a 23 ft. camper thousands of miles and regularly haul loads of sand in excess of 2,500 pounds.  While the way I treat this beast makes my mechanic cringe it just keeps on trucking...

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