Most of my film work is shot with a Nikon N90s behind a Nikon 24-85 f2.8 lens.  If I want to get a little closer without moving my lazy self around I just stick the Nikon 80-200 f2.8 on it and blast away.  When I need decent film but am going in harms way I drag out the back up, a Nikon EW with a MD12 motor drive and Vivitar series one 27-90 f2.8.  When I go into very bad weather and want to shoot film I carry a Olympus Stylus 35mm zoom.  These little cameras are very tough and still take decent images.


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   I can never seem to have enough light or enough flashes.  My mainstay day to day flashes are a Nikon SB-800 and two SB-600's.  These flashes can be used together with the Nikon Creative Lighting System to give the shooter a mini portable studio.  It is amazing what can be accomplished with these flashes.  


     I love my digital video cameras.  The mini D.V. platform makes for an extremely small camera that shoots at a higher resolution than full sized V.H.S. format cameras.  The R.C.A. camera is the oldest one I use and was actually manufactured by J.V.C.  It has been highly abused and has seen the inside of the repair shop more than once.  Skating and skiing can be tough on cameras.  The J.V.C. camera has more features than can be utilized and the 100x zoom is almost freaky.

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More to Come!  Busted Stuff, & Accessories.