In addition to desktops and laptops the proliferation of smaller computerized gadgets has become mind boggling.  From PDA's, cameras, voice recorders, music players, GPS systems and more I have probably broken more of these devices than most folks have ever owned.  Welcome to the tour of the electronic junk that clutters my life in the name of making things simpler.

   I am slowly becoming a hand held addict.  My first color PDA was a Handspring Visor.  This machine handled standard hand held functions and revolutionized the handheld industry.  It's revolutionary "springboard" accessory platform and many available accessories made it the Swiss Army knife of portable devices.  With modems, G.P.S. units, memory modules and other cool stuff it allowed me to do things I had only imagined up until this point.  The Visor's high quality color monitor set it apart from other palm based units.  I felt like I had a tricorder straight from an episode of Star Trek.

   My current PDA is a Palm TX.  The real kick to this unit is all of its wireless features.  Being able to link to my phone via the Blue Tooth connection is nice but the WiFi feature is absolutely stunning.  The ability to pull a device out of my pocket and browse the internet has aided me more than I can fully express.