Pettijohns Cave

     Pettijohns Cave is one of those places where you get to see both ends of the spectrum.  With close to six miles of cave to explore there is much to see.  Unfortunately a portion of the cave is easily accessed by almost anyone thus many of the features have been destroyed and trash can be found in abundance.  Once you get through a few tight squeezes the impact is less severe and much quality cave exists for the adventurous to explore.  There is a reason that this cave has picked up the nickname Porta-Johns.  Please do not relieve yourself in any cave EVER unless you are prepared to carry your waste with you.  The cave environment is very fragile and not meant to be used as a sewer.  Real cavers carry a pee bottle if they expect to be in the cave for a long time. 

Broken Features

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The Good Stuff

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Even More PettiJohns