rock climbing WALLS

     When you can't get outdoors or can't get out of town gotta get your fix somewhere.  Unfortunately I can't find any photos of my first wall which began before the days of commercially available handholds and had to make your own. It got retrofit with t-nuts then multiple additions till taller and wider than my house at the time. It sat in sight of a major road, had no fence thus was not uncommon to drive by during the work day to see people I didn't know climbing. Evenings it was not uncommon to have over a dozen people even when I was out of tpwn climbing. Had a forty foot "Bachar Ladder" in an oak tree to pump the forearms and get some exposure to keep the mind used to being off the deck. Had a series of balance beams, slack lines, tight lines and a "balance course" that once stepped off the ground had about a hundred feet of various lines, webbing, beams and other hard to balance on objects till reached the other end.

    Apartment lived in till moved into a house had a slack line going from my balcany to the one beside me which a good friend lived in. It spanned twenty feet and was three stories off the deck with a concrete landing if fell. Until the landlord noticed, had a "Bachar Ladder" that went from base of a telephone pole to a beam supporting the roof of my balcany so always had some form of climbing workouts at home and work. When I purchased the house I live in to date, did not begin remodeling to move in till had the climbing cave completed in the basement. Took me years to find my home as had to be on or very near my regular road cycling route and have a tall enough basement to build a really nice climbiing cave. I "budgeted" six months to build a cave then remodel the house before letting other house go on the market. If a person does not prioritize location of home to climbing and having a personal wall I wonder if they are really a climber. Feel free to submit pictures of your climbing wall.



    House has an eleven foot basement which made it easy to shoehorn a self supporting cave with a full eight feet to the "roof". It has multiple overhangs with different angles and odd shapes to help make it feel organic. It takes up approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of my basement but does not block routing of HVAC ducts, plumbing and electrical that supplies the main floor of the home. Used the stairs and mechanical room to my advantage in shaping the climbing cave. It is actually a really nice climbing workout and some day I may expand it to more of the basement.


    The work wall was a demo wall that Metolius used at trade shows for a couple years. Just happened to be getting some minor sponsership from them at the time they retired this due to cost of transport, setup then repeating for every trade show. It was just wide enough for two people to climb side by side  and tall enough to get far enough off the ground they had to use a toprope for liability but for a real climber dropping from the top holds is no more than a regular bouldering fall. Luckily it fit nicely on the corner of my loading dock at work which is just over four feet tall making it a boarderline "highbaler" if fall from the top. It has nice natural granite texture and natural moulded features with plenty of t-nuts to add and rearrainge holds.


    Needed a way to keep the forearms in shape for hanging from ice axes all day so built this wall behing my work building. Ends have been closed in since these photos were taken to allow endless traversing in circles along with moving up and down along with diagonal mobing and while not technical its a endurance problem. Spend five to fifteen minutes without stepping off and you will get a pump. Its nothng but 3/4" treated plywood with oblong holes drilled and wallowed out to use monopoint crampons and axes. Any time of the ground during the summer with ice tools is a help when first ices of the season hits.