I enjoy introducing kids to the sport of climbing in a safe and educational environment.  Most years I take out four to eight groups of Scouts for a weekend of rock climbing.  While it eats up a few of my climbing days every year the rewards are immeasurable.  If you have the qualifications and patience to teach then by all means pass your knowledge on to another generation no matter what the skill.  If your troop is local to the Northeast Georgia area then contact the

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about scheduling.  There is no charge but scheduling can be tight so the earlier you contact me the better.  I do not carry kids climbing in June, July, August, December,  January or February.  The weather extremes are just too much for kids trying something like climbing.

    My program emphasizes safety and teamwork.  I set up problems in all difficulty range in order to be able to challenge the kids that need it and build confidence in the ones that are tentative.  Every single kid in your troop is capable of making it through the class.  I work really well with kids that are unfit or scared of heights.  I have seen kids entire personality change after a successful day of climbing.  Many kids that don't do well with traditional sports excel at climbing.  If you do take you troop out make sure that your instructors are more than qualified even if it costs the troop a little money.

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