Most of our competitors signs are full digital prints, off big Chinese ink jet printers, from corner to corner even if just using simple block letters. These type prints are supposed to have a clear U.V. protective over laminate to keep print from fading, but for commercial real estate signs I cannot remember seeing this final layer on another companies signs in the past decade. Most assume if sign lasts over a year before failing that client has forgotten how old sign is. The industry calls this "planned obsolescence" expecting to make more money replacing signs more often. An inkjet sign without laminate will last a maximum of eighteen months before it begins to show age and will fail in under three years. If your vendor adds the laminate he will charge more and your sign lasts up to five years before replacing. We use "thermal printers" which use heat and pressure to bond a resin foil to the print and the sign will last five to seven years without a laminate and seven to nine years, or more with laminate.



     As you ride the roads look at not only signs but vehicle wraps including vans and box trucks. Most have so much "background noise" of photos, odd graphics and color splashes behind the actual copy they can be quite difficult to read. Look close and unless it has just been installed you will see the prints cracking everywhere there is a deep groove in the metal, around any rivets and lifting at corners of individual panels. When we wrap, we try to keep them readable and use the "partial wrap" where we add smaller digital elements that do not fail from shrinking before you will need to replace your tires. On our signs, the only digital part is the image and the rest is real paint with the best pressure sensitive vinyl for the copy. We will put one of our signs next to a competitors and bet ours still looks good after their sign has been replaced twice.



   The Tanners Creek Business Park sign has absolutely nothing digital about it except for the sketch we emailed our client for approval. It is a big sign with fat letters which was being installed to last for over a decade so we pulled out the lettering brushes and went "old school". Hand lettering with quality lettering enamel will outlast most vinyl products. Even though he had long left the business when this sign was installed I had not seen my brother in some time and the best way to bond in our family is with post hole diggers, ladders and screw guns. The Exennium sign only had one small digital feature which is the eagle in the upper left corner. While it resembles the eagle from our Eagle Realty sign program it is not the same, we don't try to save time using one clients graphic on another's.








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