Our fleet graphics program is geared toward providing your vehicles with both attractive and durable markings. Crowder Signs specializes in matching the best materials for your jobs needs. A three year rated vinyl should never be applied to a truck that is intended for a 10 year service duty. In the same regard, we don't necessarily need to put a 9 year warranted vinyl on a vehicle with a 2 year lease. In addition to a full line of printed and cut vinyl, we also offer traditional hand lettering, gold leaf and other time honored techniques. We proudly use a pair of Gerber Edge, a Gerber Maxx 2 thermal digital printers as their output will last double to triple of the best inkjet printers we have seen. Our two Gerber HS15 Plus plotters are still the most reliable and accurate 15" plotters on the market and our HS 750 Plus will cut the largest letters from 30" vinyl without any open end errors which we will explain later but there is a reason they still sell used for double what a Chinese platter sells new. In addition we can do hand lettering, pin striping, engine turned gold leaf, complete custom motorcycle paint, or high end painted graphics on your most prized toys. We realize a new truck cannot go down the road making money till its marked to DOT required specifications so with scheduling can get it in and out in a day without sacrificing quality work.


   The above truck is one from a fleet of dump trucks owned by a local grading company. This job presented a couple of challenges.  First was finding an exact match in a high performance vinyl to the Mac Yellow. This company was a new start up where they were purchasing nothing but Granite series Mac's and they wanted the logo clipart to look like their newest year model Mac. Since we could find no canned artwork, we drew a Mac Granite from scratch for their logo and provided art for everything from business cards, letterheads to jobsite signs. Whatever the client needs, we try to meet their goals.


  One of our clients purchased this championship winning offshore racing boat to add to his fleet of high dollar toys. With five aluminum block supercharged Keith Black Hemis powering this thing it is a monster on the lake. His biggest immediate issue was the Argentinian National flagged racer had Argentinian flags that could not be just covered with vinyl decals. You don't "Band-Aid" million dollar toys so each area with a flag required careful block sanding down to the white base without punching through to primer, repainting white with a perfect match (there are thousands of shades of white), then painting the American flags where Argentinian had been using the best in professional automotive paints. We suggested painting the green and yellow stripes to blue and red but client would have required removing from dock. Anyone can slap on a big inkjet sticker but it will not match, it will crack around rivets and the friction of water on the hull at 150 MPH will likely rip it off. Working on clients half million to dollar plus projects in a manner that does them justice and look like they were original is one of our specialties. Most will not jump onto a project like this especially having to do in the dock without any overspray on surrounding boats is a trick that takes time, experience and courage.


  The above motorhome was barely used, parked under cover when not on the road but graphics were uneven, improperly aligned and not painted well from the factory so began to fade and wear from the blast of water and dust off the road. We retaped each color in a manner to straighten gaps, fix the ratty edges where original painter apparently used cheap grade painters tape and were able to sand each feathering in manner our paint bonded well without being so thick it would have cracking issues. It was still holding up last we asked and was the crisp and sharp job a nearly million dollar custom motorhome deserved. Again, instead of trying to cover a mess with vinyl stripes we masked, carefully hand sanded then repainted using the best in automotive paints. This is very detailed hand work but if you want your high dollar toy that disappointed from delivery put right, we will do it and put our seventy years of craftsmanship and knowledge into making your "big boy toy" the pride of any others its compared to.



   Except for the hood that has required new graphics (we warned owner) you can still ride by Bike Town USA where we see it regularly or in local traffic still looking good. The owner is very good about maintaining his vehicles and detailing them but without quality graphics the extra washing would actually degrade most vehicles marked in similar manner. If these were printed then cut off the average ink jet sign making equipment the colors would have faded in three to five years if they used an overlaminate. Our Gerber Edge and Gerber Maxx 2 thermal digital printers using name brand GerberColor resin based foils will last well over a decade and longer in the correct application. The base film we print on also matters and Gerber 220 series vinyl along with Gerber 225 series is custom formulated to Gerber's specifications by 3M and meets or exceeds 3M's best OEM films specifications.









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