Hand lettering is as much a part of Crowder Signs today as it was in 1952. While most shops either quit hand lettering with the influx of graphics computers or never learned how, our brushes never stopped moving. Some projects are better suited for hand lettering even in the instant print and stick modern age. Bright colors are crisper, the colors last longer and to this day have yet to see anyone stick a digital print to a brick wall. I began "wall dogging" before I was in middle school helping roll or brush the background colors then filling in the centers of letters after my dad would roll down the wall laying the outer stroke of each character. If you want a traditional hand painted sign or have an aging wall painting that needs to be redone please drop us an email, we will even travel for the right project.





    My dad hand lettered this companies trucks from the time I was a teen and even when I began swinging a brush he would not let me work on them due to clients "perfection streak". They paid big money for their trucks and their brand represented them all across the country so it had to be right. After dad retired when I would get a Thomas Lumber Company truck would call him and ask him to take a day to come get it done for me. Finally dad reached a point where he said he just didn't letter enough, was having issues with his eyes and did not want to stress over it. I tried talking the owner into pressure sensitive vinyl which I promised would outlast paint but he had another shop (if he was getting vinyl decided to put it out for bids) say the same, put three year instead of nine year rated vinyl and before truck was out of warranty the graphics looked horrible.

    Owner was upset, called me on this and based on another low bid shop using cheap materials insisted it be hand lettered with paint or he would find someone who would. Told him could not give a firm price till finished as charged by the hour to hand letter and knowing his eye to detail I took my time and laid down one of the best hand lettering jobs of my life. In fact my dad who was one of the best on the east coast told me it was as nice or better than any of the old school letter heads could have done. Only issue was when I billed for the hours I spent making my patterns and swinging a brush, cost was significantly more than even the best vinyl lettering job and since this truck left my shop I have seen their later units rolling down the road with cracked and peeling low bid vinyl flapping in the wind.

    We in no way robbed or really overcharged but a half day making patterns then full day swinging a brush costs more than two to four hours cutting and sticking pressure sensitive vinyl.  with vinyl the time to produce and apply is the same if we use a three year maximum outdoor use product as a nine year minimum but many of our competitors actually use "promotional grade" vinyl which is rated for five years indoors and one year outdoors. If you buy vinyl ask a lot of questions before its put on your six figure rig and there are no "chrome" products that will last a year before they begin to look bad.







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