For well over a half century commercial real estate signs have been the grease that has kept our wheels spinning.  We strive to put that extra effort into your commercial sign program to professionally represent your company at every location.  Our crews are trained to properly use a level, screw gun and even post hole diggers. No task is too simple to not put real effort into.  Our commercial signs are made to last and will stand the test of being moved from listing to listing to listing. We commonly see our commercial signs that have been up over a decade still looking nice and there are several locations where signs "just going to be up the length of the listing" are still on site more than two decades later. We use High Density Overlay from Olympic Panel which is now owned by Swanson Group instead of generic brands of MDO as most shops use. We buy the best substrates and materials possible to make all of our products. Once prepped using professional finishes from One Shot then only use Gerber Scientific Premium sign films, 3M Graphic Films and Avery Dennison premium films rather than extruded films for our graphics. See more important information on additional commercial real estate pages by following the link below the first group of photos and our Utilities Protection Agency policies. If you do not follow link to our UPC education section at least read this short news article where Georgia UPC levies a half million dollars in fines in 91 seconds to five contractors.






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   For nearly seventy years we have had clients wanting to market property or place permanent business signs on the public Right of Way on roadway which is illegal unless able to get responsible municipality to issue a variance which is very rare. In most cases we take sign back to shop and send notice to client sign cannot be put up legally to which they begin trying to coerce or even threaten to get what they want. if their client is upset enough, they are a client that spends enough to cause us distress to lose their work we will sometimes put up these signs pushing back as far as possible with a written and signed letter where they accept all responsibility for any litigation, fines or issues with illegal sign. Now  we really can't play with laws as are so strict on right of ways unless able to get a legal variance.

Georgia Law on Prohibited Placement of Posters, Signs, and Advertisements

O.C.G.A. 16-7-58

It shall be unlawful for any person to place posters, signs, or advertisements:

(1) On any public property or building, unless the owner thereof or the occupier as authorized by such owner has given permission to place such posters, signs, or advertisements on such property; provided, however, that signs within the rights of way of public roads shall be governed by Code Section 32-6-51;

A person convicted of placing a poster, sign, or advertisement in a prohibited place in Georgia will be charged with a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both. However, each poster, sign, or advertisement place will constitute a separate offense. Therefore, if the same poster was put up in 5 prohibited spots, then the accused will be charged with 5 counts of violating O.C.G.A. 16-7-58.

   Compounding the issue is if place a structure on public road right of way and a vehicle hits it the owner of sign is responsible for damage and injuries. The highest of said judgments we have seen awarded in civil court was when woman drove off road, hit sign and the main panel came through windshield killing her and her minor child. The civil court damages awarded to the family were $47,000,000 for the loss of a wife and child. In todays litidigeous society and juries willing to award huge sums, when the sign vendors who placed sign, national real estate company who ordered and property owner selling the land all were reasonably well off the jury especially the realty company and land owner the jury awarded the hefty amount and appeal courts upheld the award.

   The sign vendor and property owner were bankrupted and real statute company was able to negotiate payments over a twenty year timeframe which kept them afloat and commonly see their commercials on television still. Many states have similar laws and when someone is hurt by a sign the awards can be high. In the 1980s an Atlanta sign company installed a Coca-Cola sign not following the engineers drawing so Coke escaped any responsibility but the seven million dollar judgment bankrupted the largest sign company in the state. Make sure your sign vendors are properly insured for liability and have a real reputation for years of quality work without incidents. If they advise not violating a code or law, listen.






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