We get great personal an professional satisfaction out of going the way to make what the client needs.  Whether it is a sign or not.  Our clients have come to look at our business as more than signs.  If they encounter a need and have now idea how to implement it, they just call the "sign man".  Some of the requests we get border on the bizarre and some are just simple head scratchers.  We had one project that took us over a year just to come up with an idea of what might work.  Usually it doesn't take that long.  So if you get stumped on some odd project, give us a call and we will give it a shot.  If you need it today or tomorrow, we will burn the midnight oil and get it done.


   This office complex had a totally blind entrance/waiting area where unless someone heard the buzzer as people entered main door nobody knew visitor was in building. Their product could easily attract someone intent on forceful theft or unhappy former employee as their standards were strict. We opened a wall into reception area to receptionists office to allow placement of a window that is rated to stop two to three handgun rounds plus added ballistic protection to the wall around the window if shooter tried to shoot through the wall giving receptionist time to take better cover or escape to interior of building where we reinforced a small room that allowed a dozen or more to seek shelter while waiting on law enforcement response.



Cleaning A Coils on Air handler Aprilaire HEPA Whole House Air Filter Aprilaire HEPA Whole House Air Filter Installing Hard Duct

  We were installing whole house HEPA air filters, hospital grade filtration systems and even installed a complete clean room for packaging medical equipment for a client in a bind. the above project was to scrub the air in one particular area of a doctors office (the primary partners personal office and most used two exam rooms) as he has allergy issues and till we installed this he was miserable every spring. Once someone has us install similar units at their office or home they soon have us at their other place spend lots of time and adding to other systems if structure has multiple HVAC units. Notice in left photo we are cleaning the A-coils in the air handler while working on the air filer installation. It makes no sense installing a top line air filter and not cleaning everything we can from the exterior condenser, air handler, A-coils, duct work and do a full service while ripping and tearing. With EPA Clean Air Certification along with Green energy Certification, HVAC and MVAC licenses we specialize is helping clients save energy, live in cleaner environment breathing the cleanest air possible and repairing systems others have given up on.


HVAC Repair & Service HVAC Repair & Service HVAC Repair & Service

    This system was in a home which had been remodeled multiple times and we found so many issues its a wonder it ran at all. My first encounter with it was talking to home owner who is personal friend on night we had record low temperatures in the teens and said he had no heat and no service companies would come out. I went over to discover it was a tripped breaker in one of three sub panels between it and main fuse panel. Every time someone remodeled they moved the air handler and instead of pulling a new wire from the fuse panel as code and common sense calls for the added some wire from previous panel to new sub panel so it had four sets of breakers from fuse panel to last sub panel then a fifth set on air handler. I rest the breakers and heard his wife screaming in joy that heat was blowing warm.

    If the strip heaters have no power a heat pump wont work when that cold. she panicked when I pulled the fuses at first but told them I needed to see if there were other issues. I used my meter, Ohms law and did some math to discover unit had the smallest of three strip heaters applicable to the unit which would be fine in Florida but not North Georgia foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. showed him where every breaker was and if tripped again to rest all till got heat and Monday morning ordered him the correct size strip heaters then pulled a new wire from panel when they arrived. he said they had it installed to lower their power bill but it went up and all three local Trane service companies had come out and refused to come anymore. it took lots of contemplation and testing but it requires eight wires between air handler and condenser for the multistaging to operate properly and after testing every wire in the eight wire bundle discovered one was broken somewhere and the system was not staging properly. it only knew half speed and off but a new bundle of wires and service got it running.

   We are not a full time dedicated HVAC company but we fix electronics of any type others either can't or wont. We do not like attics in summers or crawl spaces but have a subcontractor that does after we find the issue who will handle the part we don't after we diagnose the problem but usually we can fix it all while on site unless you have a real issue. We do enjoy service and preventative maintenance plus helping you get another few months out of a dying compressor when others claim its dead and you need to arrange your budget to replace your total HVAC system. Its amazing the stoves and cloths dryers we find with undersize wiring kicking breakers, improperly grounded equipment, plus all types of electrical gremlins others miss for one reason or another.


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