Our ability to machine aluminum and work with LED lighting has proven to allow us to make a very wide selection of custom motorcycle parts. It seems like every bike has parts with flames or skulls which at some point becomes just more boring Chinese made parts for your custom American motorcycle. Let us help you develop custom parts that meet a unique theme made here in our Gainesville Georgia facilities. These parts are only limited by your imagination and your budget. If you have a specific need or idea please contact us and we can provide initial renderings and pricing for those who want to be totally unique.




    We are tired of seeing flames and skulls with the odd run of some pattern specific to a major parts manufacturer. These were machined from billet aluminum and because bikes owner lives in a town nicknamed "the chicken city" and had a pet chicken he wanted chickens on his floorboards. All we needed were his mounts to properly machine and weld the tabs on and inlaid a nice comfortable rubber into grooves to ensure it held on for many years plus allowed a thicker slab of rubber for extra vibration dampening. These, like better factory floor boards will also pivot up if lean deeply into a curve. we set these up in a manner where the rider feels his foot being pushed up before bike leans to point of frame contacting the pavement which is where most baggers will loose traction and put the rider off the road and into the trees.



    In our opinion and many others an air cooled V Twin motorcycle will have a longer service life if oil temperatures are kept cooler especially in hot weather. If your rifding in sub freezing temperatures then covers are made to keep your oil temperature warm enough to flow properly but honestly, how much more are we riding when its warm or hot than below freezing. There are very few choices of aftermarket oil coolers and most are made in China then branded and sold via popular web and catalog vendors. We can make coolers in any length, mosst any shape and build with brakets as part of them so they blend with your bikes styling. Notice how we even painted the body to match bike color for contrast and even more of a custom touch.



    The tail light above was for a custom motorcycle built by a client in Texas.  Our parameters were an absolute maximum size (we pushed every millimeter), it had to have two separate circuits (one for tail light and one for brakes), it had to be polished "billet" aluminum, it had to meet minimum legal lumen output, the lights had to be green and it had to be shipped in 72 hours.  No problem for us.  We cut it from two pieces of T-6 aluminum, installed high output LED's with voltage correction resistors, used hidden set screws to hold the two pieces together and then polished it to a mirror finish.  Notice the 9-volt battery for size reference.


    This 1978 Harley Davidson restomod needed a place to put the alarm components along with the speedometer calibration unit that allows setting the six speed transmissions signal to output the proper signal to the speedometer. This box was drilled for the wires, rubber grommets properly sized along with a gasket to keep all these electronics dry. We were also able to fit the starter relay in the box as anyone who has ridden a vintage Harley much knows too much riding in the rain and you better have a spare relay. Keeping it in the dry has really extended its service life.







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