Many of our LED message center sales are to replace six month old Chinese message centers bought from another vendor because it was a few thousand dollars cheaper up front but when it died their vendor had closed and manufacturer offered no warranty beyond it turning on when installed. We bought one for a church who begged us to help them get a message center that fit their set budget. Sign was purchased from a manufacturer in Florida who offered a three year warranty. The sign had dead pixels from day one and they kept putting us off saying they were waiting for new modules to ship from China then filed bankruptcy before fixing their sign and left hundreds of other customers in the same situation. Watchfire is probably the second most known board in the industry and have seen three between my home and business that never worked properly from the day they were installed till they died or replaced out of frustration. Do not ask us for anything but Daktronics as we only sell what we know will get factory support if ever needed.



   This job began as a really good job with a good potential for profit but years of dealing with food processing facilities I had figured some extra wiggle room into my bid in case something went south. While Wrigley Gum has a good reputation to pay they also have a reputation to change specifications and be ultra picky. Doing six LED message centers on bid was tough to get the job and have enough room to make money but honestly think the IPX 68 standard scared off a lot of bidders. I was given specs in writing on size, pixels, materials and that signs had to be made to IPX 68 (dust proof and splash proof) standards with their in-house facilities maintenance doing the installation but required welded aluminum mounting structure inside, had to be able to hinge open for service, be made completely with aluminum except Lexan faces covering the face of panel and water/dust seals. We added seals, grommets where wiring exited cabinets, built to minimum clearance so all fit of doors was super snug, full length piano hinges and delivered as IP 68 standard signs.

    Next day we got a call saying the FDA inspectors said they could not be installed unless met food grade equipment standards and they would not pay me till they passed and would not pay any more for their error even though we had a written and signed contract. Smaller companies like us do not lawyer up and go toe-to-toe with an international corporations legal team and win without any profit left going to the lawyers. Luckily I had a suspected some such move and all caulking along with rubber seals used were sourced as food grade but what I didn't foresee were aluminum rivets with steel mandrels would be what was the deal killer. We had to seal all rivets for potential water and dust leak but were able to frill out, replace with 100% aluminum, reseal and provide paperwork showing caulk and rubber parts were food grade. We made money but was not a home run though satisfied a client and got our check.  All pictures show signs with shrink wrap plastic still covering exterior aluminum to protect from scratches and scuffs till after installation and we were not allowed in plant to take photos of them once installed.


   Maysville Baptist Church was a joy to work with. We poured the footings, set all steel, had our contractor lay the brick, built the lighted signs, supplied a Daktronics message center but they had a member who did the synthetic stucco work to our design specifications. We did this sign quoted in a price range with a maximum and minimum price to allow us some profit, low risk of losing money but not to take the church to the cleaners if all went easy. it all did so we charged them our minimum, made a few bucks but more importantly got an active church in a nice sign at very fair price being good stewards of God's money.







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