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      Saturday September 9, 2006.  More and more folks keep asking me exactly what parts our dealer installed to fix our baggers issues.   Here is a list of exactly the parts used along with links to the H-D web pages that correspond to each one.  Just click on the part name and there you go.  I almost feel like a sellout recommending that you spend more money with H-D to fix a problem that shouldn't exist, but if you already have a 2007 and are experiencing the same problems we were you may just want to make your bike perform like it is supposed to.  If you are considering buying one you might want to think about budgeting these items into your purchase.  Remember that any H-D accessories that are installed by the dealer at the time of purchase are supposedly covered by your warranty.

    First to get the air flowing into the engine with utmost efficiency you start with the Screamin' Eagle® Stage I Kit for EFI Models.  This does not change the appearance of the breather just the internals.  The heart of the upgrade and most important part is the Screamin' Eagle® Race Tuner®.  I couldn't find this part on the H-D web site so this link takes you into a factory dealer web site.  To quote the MoCo party line.  (Am I turning commie now???)

"The Screaming Eagle Race Tuner allows direct access to the ECU programs and their modification. We are, in affect, creating custom calibrations for specific combinations (just like H-D reflash cartridges). The Race Tuner does, however include many SE calibrations in the map files to select from. These can then be modified or a completely new file created if the combination does not match the calibrations part description.

Race Tuner provides a much higher level of tuning than any other device without replacing the ECU itself. Each cylinders fuel and ignition mapping is independently tuned, using three dimensions, resulting in a custom map that eliminates the possibility of one cylinder fighting or holding back the other.

This equals more horsepower with smooth linear drivability. In addition, warm up enrichment, idle speeds, IAC steps, rev limits, AFR offsets, injector sizing can be changed. To help in tuning or diagnostics, Race Tuner also features a data mode to collect and review sensor inputs or other data. Both of these can only be tuned accurately by using a Computer controlled load cell dyno with real time AFR monitoring."

   The mufflers that our wrench suggested and installed were the  One Piece Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Slip-On MufflersThese things not only look good but sound really good also.  They find that happy medium between utter silence and wide open straight pipes.  After all of these parts were installed and adjusted on the dynamometer the bike was able to breathe better, mix the fuel/air properly, then get the exhaust vented optimally.  The super hot syndrome is completely gone, the surging is hardly noticeable in the lower gears and completely gone when cruising in 5th or 6th gears.  This job is not cheap but it is not terribly expensive either.  About 1,400 bucks counting parts and labor.  Besides now you get to say your a Screamin' Eagle.  (How did they get to register the 101st Airborne's slogan for a trademark?)

    Since all is approved H-D stuff installed by a factory trained wrench we have not voided our warranty. (Or so our dealer says)  B.T.W.  Since this bike is intended for the wife's use only and the fact that she rides a lot and actually rides it far from home we opted for the 7 year biggie warranty.  We even bought the tire warranty.  Anything happens all they say is we call the H.O.G. assistance number and all is taken care of.  Of course that didn't work in Tennessee so I am suspect about that now.

    Here is an email I received from a person that did almost exactly what we did to his troublesome Sportster.  Another customer goes from sad to glad.  Of course the fix was out of pocket.


I purchased a 2007 50th Anniversary Sportster (1200) in mid August 2006.  It is now mid November 2006 and I have over 5000 miles on it. This is the first year that Sportster went with Fuel Injection. I purchased one of those temperature gage dipsticks and due to heat, the plastic lens kept cracking. I went though two of those before I gave up and put the original dip stick back in. I  noticed the temperature reached up to about 250 degrees during summer riding. The bike was very cold natured and spit and sputtered for about 10 minutes when cranking up cold.

I went back and installed Scremin Eagle II slips on, Screamin Eagle Stage I kit, and the Screamin Eagle Race Tuner kit. It is like riding a totally different bike. Bike runs good even when cold now. It raised the RPM limiter from 6000 to 7000 RPM and the bike could then be lugged down to 2200 RPM without shifting. Before the tune, you could not lug the engine down below 2500 RPM. The power band was much wider. Fuel economy went from about 46-48 MPG to over about 50-52 MPG. The upgrades far exceeded my expectations and is money well spent when considered against the expected ownership time of the bike.


    If you want to save some dough on these parts, or any Harley-Davidson stuff for that matter, the folks at Chillicothe H-D in Ohio are the best pick I have found yet.  Buy your parts through their ebay store, not the main parts department, and you will save some serious cash.  I just bought a Evolution crate motor from them and wish I had known about them a long time ago.  Here are some links to help you out.  They have the Screaming Eagle Race Tuner for 367.99.  That is 50 bucks cheaper than what we paid.  Their Stage 1 EFI breather kit is 108.99.  They also have the Street Eagle Mufflers.  You will save well over a c-note buying the complete package from them.  Make sure and tell Fish and Flounder that a backwater hillbilly from North Georgia sent ya.

Chillicothe Harley-Davidson

    Once again; if you have something to add, good or bad, email me at biners@crowderinc.com


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