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     11/24/2006 Harley-Davidson has finally issued a recall on what seems to be all 2007 motorcycles with the Twincam 96" engine.  The details are sketchy at this point so I can't post a great deal about it.  I called our local dealer and the service representative said they had just become aware of it but do not know all of the details as of yet.  He said that they have called the MoCo but have not spoken with a live person yet.  Apparently the Harley offices are shut down for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

    Here is what I do know.  It is just what the MoCo has released on their website to the public.  I am copying it here for ya'lls convenience. 

2007 ROAD KING ULTRA CLASSIC (EFI) - FLHRC  (This also seems to apply to all other '07 models)


There are one or more open safety recalls or product improvement campaigns on your vehicle. The following list contains the campaign number and a brief description:


We strongly urge you to take your motorcycle to your dealer to have the appropriate service performed as soon as possible. Should you choose to ride your motorcycle prior to this service, we urge you to be aware of this condition. Please see your local Harley-Davidson dealer for further details.

    This next bulletin explains the recall in a little more detail...

Bulletin # M1186

A recent refinement to the ECM calibration of 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles will smooth the torque curve application in a manner that minimizes high shock loads to drive train components, which could cause engine damage. For example, high shock loads could result from lugging the engine during hard acceleration while operating under 1500 RPM. This refinement enhances the drive characteristics for the new Twin Cam engine and, on some modes, improves fuel economy during certain steady state driving conditions.

Since Harley-Davidson is committed to a course of continuous improvement, this ECM calibration change was recently incorporated into all 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles on the production line.

Furthermore, in the interest of promoting customer satisfaction, Harley-Davidson has decided to offer a current production equivalent ECM calibration upgrade at no charge to all owners of 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles manufactured prior to implementation of the calibration change. This offer includes stock production, Police and CVO motorcycles, and also those that have subsequently had P&A street legal performance calibrations installed. This calibration upgrade offer is valid from now to the end of the motorcycle’s warranty period.

     What we don't know yet is how many of the other issues, if any, this will fix. It doesn't address the surging or overheating issues by name but I would hope that a new map would help these issues.  H-D can't afford to make these other widely known problems any worse.  As I get more information on this I will post it right up.  You should all go to the MoCo website and run a check on your VIN number to see if your bike is affected by the recall.  As far as I can tell all of the 2007 Harley's are coming up positive. 

   Follow the link below to find out if your motorcycle is on the recall list.  Every 2007 VIN number I have heard of being entered brought up a positive. 


    Here is a link into another site that may give you more information than I can.  Remember to always verify anything anyone says.  Just because it is on the web doesn't make it true.  If I am wrong on anything call me on it.


     Here is a link to a pdf file that has the actual recall notice...


Here is some early feedback from folks that are having the new ECM installed.  The first note is from someone that was having pinging issues and the remap seems to have fixed them right up.  As more feedback comes in about this recalls results I will post them up.

    Regarding the recall. I spoke to "my" service manager on Saturday, he said he just received notice, and in fact did an 07 that Friday. He said to have it in Monday at opening and they would take care of it. Monday morning I was there at opening and 45 minutes later I rode off in my remapped, and washed, 07.
I put 105 miles on it that afternoon, never heard a ping.

     Check out this response I got this morning, 11/30/2006.  The official word seems to be that this is a "free upgrade" not a recall from this dealer.  I guess there is going to be some reluctance to admitting that there is a problem.  If it is a free upgrade and there is no "real problems" then the MoCo and the dealers can probably avoid reimbursing folks that have fixed their bikes out of pocket.

Hey Michael,
We stopped at Ft. Washington Harley in Md. they said it was a "recalibration, at no cost, not a re-call!"  You should have seen their faces, when I asked about the recall! They looked like the cat that swallowed the canary! It was funny!

     Here is a link to a thread in the HD forums that has more feedback on the ECM update.


    Our dealer still doesn't know how this update affects us folks with previously updated SERT's.  Looks like H-D is not telling their dealers anything or the dealers are not making much of an effort to learn.  Please check to see if your bike is recalled then call your local stealer, oops I mean dealer, and see what they say.  As ya'll get your bikes back from the recall service let me know what you think.  Need to let the masses know if it helps or not.  I really hope it does.  I am going to keep chasing this and will post what I find out A.S.A.P.  In case you have missed it on the other pages my contact address is biners@crowderinc.com.


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