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   I am now receiving some "all pleased", "super happy" correspondence.  I have kept asking for all types of feedback, even positive and have finally gotten some.  So here it is...

I just finished reading your pages regarding the issues with your 07 bagger.  I purchased an 07 FLSTF at the end of September myself and aside from the front fender alignment issue and noisy 5th gear that's been talked about quite a bit on the forums, I've had no issues.  In fact, 5th gear quieted down after break-in and I'm hoping synthetic will reduce the sound to a minimum.  No excessive heat whatsoever, (windshield on or off) no surging and certainly no glowing pipes or electrical shorts like I've read about.  Granted, I only have 780 miles on it so far but one trip was over 300 miles and no heat issue to speak of.  I've spoken to 2 other 07 FLSTF owners who state the same thing I do and I've read about 2 others that have the problems you spoke of.  Bottom line is aside from the front fender fiasco this is by far the best bike I've ever owned.  The bike clearly doesn't breath the way it should but that will be fixed in the spring when I can afford new pipes, a K&N filter and a Dynojet re-map.  I've never owned a bike or a car that could breath worth a damn from the factory though.   Anyway, the vast majority of problems I've read about, especially the heat  are on the touring models for some reason.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know there are a few of us who are pretty happy with our new bikes.

    How about an email from across the pond of a proud and happy 2007 Harley owner.  I have posted negative testimonies from Europe and here is a "happy, happy, joy, joy" email to balance it out.  Don't accuse me of not trying to give both sides of the story.

Hello there,

 I am a newbie in the Harley Davidson world. I have been riding motorcycles for over 20 years now. Up until now I always owned Japanese hyper sport bikes. The last one (still in my garage) is a Yamaha R1 2004. This summer I decided to switch to a touring cruiser. I have always had a special feeling about Harley Davidson motorcycles, but until recently I was not ready to take the step. I loved the way those hyper sports bikes handled, turned, braked and the incredible power they had waiting for you to use if necessary.

This summer however, I felt that a change was about to happen. On the way home from vacation (with my R1) all of a sudden I didn’t like the bike anymore. It was biased to speed and open road, while I much more began to like long relax rides thru various landscapes. So I bought a Harley Davidson Elektra Glide Standard 2007 with the 96 cid powertrain and the 6 speed tranny.

I have this bike since half September and up until now (1900 km) I really appreciate it. It handles well, it turns well and there is enough power to overtake slower traffic if necessary, brakes could be better but I can live with that. The bike has soul and I like to interact with it. Off course I am aware of the issues like the heath coming of the engine and the noise in 5th gear. Since I live in Belgium the heath issue is not very alarming. Over here the temperature on a nice day is about 70° Fahrenheit and on rare occasions it goes to 86°. The 5th gear noise is not that loud on my bike, but since I have never owned or ridden a HD before I am not capable to evaluate this bike with older versions. I have no electrical problems or problems with surging.

I must say that I was very much surprised how easy these large and heavy bikes are handling. It is beyond my expectations. I was ready to accept a slower steering bike with more touring capabilities, but it steers well and effortlessly.

Again I want to emphasize that I am in no position to judge over the good and the bad of this motorcycle in relation to earlier models, but I like it the way it is. However I would like to be informed if there are any solutions to the existing issues procured by Harley Davidson, since, on the long term, I also will benefit from it.

 Keep up the good work on informing bikers about issues with Harley Davidson motorcycles. I like the way you handle the issues in an objective manner.

 Kind regards,

Paul Vanthillo

   Here are some other short emails from people that are completely happy with their new 2007 Harley-Davidsons.  It actually warms my soul to find that not all of the new bikes have problems and not all of the owners are unhappy. 

   So far so good.  I took delivery of my new bike on Aug 8th and have put 2,000 miles on it with no problems.  Everything is still stock as far as pipes and mapping go.  Runs great.  The rear cylinder is a little hot but not too bad.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

Took delivery on August 14th of my "07 FLSTC.  For the most part, I'm very happy with it.  I haven't experienced any electrical problems yet; however, I've only put 1600 miles on it.  It does put off some heat when sitting at the lights, and fifth gear does make a lot of noise.  There is a simple solution for both of these problems.  Shift into 6th gear and haul ASS!!!  Seriously, I'm very happy with the bike, and if it didn't have these little issues, it wouldn't be a Harley.  I couldn't even think of riding anything else. 

    Despite knowledge of many of these problems there are folks that are still willing to dive into a new 2007 Harley-Davidson even when they know about the problems.  Some of them are basing their decision on the fact that we were able to resolve all of the issues with our bike.  some folks apparently seem willing to pay to fix a new bike.  I kinda like that H-D or nothing attitude but I suspect that the MoCo likes it even better.  Here are both sides of a discussion I have had with another potential buyer.

Thank you for your extensive write-up on the Road King!  Now I have to wonder if I should purchase one or not.

I have a 1957 FLH that I got from my father (original owner) and have dreamed of getting a 2007 for many years so that I can have 2 with 50 years in between.  I don't think I have time to wait for Harley to sort things out.  At least I can use your info to try and have the dealer here install the Screamin' Eagle kit for free, or at least split the cost.

How have things been going now?  How is the gear issue?  As an engineer, I can understand why different cuts (helical vs straight) sound different, but not if they make a huge racket!

The big question is - does your wife still love the bike after all the issues?  I usually ride 2 - 4k/year on a sportbike and want something much more comfortable now.  I want to make sure the Road King will be reliable.  Any further info would be greatly appreciated!

Any other sites that mention these problems/fixes?  HOG, for example?

D. M.

My response:

For long road trips the ol lady absolutely loves the bike at this point.  Once we got it cooled down she was ecstatic.  She has been riding a 73 flh eletraglide for the past 12 years and the amenities on the new bike really make long rides super nice.  The cruise control is her favorite accessory.  Next she really likes the modern suspension, lights and brakes.  The 5th gear noise is tolerable.  If you are willing to deal with the few issues then these bikes are actually very nice.  I understand they are going to the revolution engine next year so this is the last year of the air cooled big twins.  Get em while you can.


Thanks for the info.  I had not heard that Harley is doing away with their air-cooled big twin.  That would truly be a shame if it happens.  I would rather see them keep the air-cooled engine and perhaps add oil cooling to help with heat management.

I will most likely go for the bike, even with the issues.  My '57 has its quirks but still goes.  Even though Harley's engineering is not the most robust, it is a Harley, with all the heritage behind it.

Thanks again,


My response:
   Yeah, we are the same way.  We would rather have a broken H-D than a running metric bike.  My main concern is that the dealers won't even give the consumer a hint of the problems they are having with the 07's.  In all good conscience I couldn't do that to someone.  Tell them how great a bike is knowing all the time that there are lots of issues.  Short term gains from sells will not be a profit when the client realizes you are not doing ethical business.  If the folks at our dealer think we will ever buy another new bike from them then they are absolutely nuts.  We will never guinea pig another new bike design and if we do buy another newbie it will come from someone else.


picked my 07 up on 09/23/06. Love the bike.
at 605 miles two weeks later, only the "normal concerns".
* 5th gear noisy, reminds me what gear I'm in. On the 883 constantly looking for the next gear up. ( can't count !)
* Heat, yes I've noticed it, looking for a part number of the kurakin(sp) heat shield if anyone knows what it is. 
* 6th gear vibration, almost bad enough to not use 6th gear. Its kinda gross but it actually caused my ear wax to loosen! I've only had a 05 Sportster, so I don't know if this vibration is normal or not.
No electrical, no surging, no fork lock problems, no false neutrals, nothing like that to speak of...thankfully.
So early results are in, happy with the 07, but keeping a watchful eye.
Thanks again for keeping us informed !  Gator


I've gotta say this bike is sweet! I've put on about 3200 miles since I got her in the beginning of September and everything is running fine. If I listen I can hear a slight whine in 5th but it's barely noticeable. She does run hot though and based on what I've read I'll add some pipes, a stage 1 Kit and have her remapped.  I have absolutely no complaints with this bike. Took it in for the 1000 mile checkup and didn't have one item to be fixed or replaced. I traded in a 2000 FXST (Softail Standard which I loved) and would do it again in a heartbeat. Hope that others that are having the tranny problem are in the minority and Harley can find out what the problem is.  I've got to say, based on my experience, the new motor and tranny are a great combo.
Clarkston, MI

     Please let me know what you think about your 2007 bike either way.  I really do want to give the good folks at H-D a fair shake.  We are pleased with our bike for the most part at this point except for the fact we had to pay for the fix out of pocket.  Once again; if you have something to add, good or bad, email me at biners@crowderinc.com


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The credentials or existence of the authors of testimonial emails has not been positively verified.  I do try to establish at least two way communication with the authors of these posts.  That makes much of this information hearsay at best.  Please use your own judgment when reading these posts.  None of these would stand the scrutiny of a court of law without further verification.