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  Wednesday September 20, 2006.  Apparently the word is getting out about the 2007 Harley-Davidson's and the excessive number of glitches.  These problems are being posted in web based discussion groups, Usenet and other online sources.  Folks are talking, and just standing around any clubhouse or large group of scooter trash the tales of woe from owners of '07's are becoming quite frequent.  As more bikes are being sold and more information is becoming available it seems like folks are starting to pay attention.  I am no longer getting hate mail but am getting real questions and input.

   As I continue my search of the web these problems just seem to be cropping up everywhere plus others that we haven't experienced.  Here are a few from Power Sports Network.  Just click on the questions to go to the original posts.

I've got a 2007 Harley Davidson softail and I love it the only problem is that when I put my windshield on the oil tank gets so hot it burns my leg but when I take off the windshield the air keeps it cooler has anyone else had this problem ? I like my windshield and would like to keep it on all the time instead of cooler weather.

I have just purchased a 2007 street glide. With less than 600 miles on it, the oil pump goes out and leaves me stranded twice. Has anyone else had any trouble with theirs? The dealer said it was a problem on several 07 street glides that the pump was installed wrong at the factory 

I have a 2007 Ultra classic But 5th gear is very noisy. Harley corporate are getting many complaints on the engine being noisy in 5th gear. Please call corporate so we can get a recall on this matter please e-mail me if you are having the same problem. Thanks... James Davis - 09/10/2006 
 A: I am having the same problem! This is my first Harley and I expect more. My dealer says that they have never heard of this issue. What can I do??
 Bob Schultz - 09/17/2006  A: harleys are know for having loud transmission. the reason you hear it more in 5th gear is because 5th & 1st gear are straight cut gears, the rest are all helical cut gears which are a lot quieter. Helical gears are quieter but not as strong. the stronger straight cut gears are in 1st and 5th because thats were you spend most of your riding time, try running syn3, that will make it better
 Clint Parsons - 09/20/2006  A: I'm having the identical problem! Local dealer tells me the 500 mile service will remedy this. The only thing that will resolve the noise I'm experiencing is an overhaul.
 Anonymous - 09/21/2006

Got a 2007 Ultra Classic and noticed that the fork refuses to lock, even with the key and all, the switch stays locked down, but the fork moves freely. Have heard of this being a problem with the 06's, how can it be fixed?

    If you have had problems with your 2007 just dying and not restarting you will want to follow this link.  It has a wealth of information that can help you out


    SERTs and fuel injection are not my specialty.  I am a fabricator and that type of work goes to a professional.  If you want to monkey with your mapping there are lots of good resources and plenty of different tools to do it with.  Here are some links to message board discussions with folks that are much more knowledgeable than I passing on some really good information.



As I continue the research I keep finding more and more stuff that should be of concern to owners of Harley-Davidson's.  There are lots of recalls on the 2005 models and every year is plagued with some.  I hope that they will recall our 2007.  If so I am going to tell them we already fixed part of the problems and just to reimburse us for what we have done.  I have a page up that gives some of the 2006 recalls. Just follow the link.  I'll be posting recalls from other years as time permits.  It is looking like 2005 was another scary year for H-D.  B.T.W.  You can't find the recall info on the official Harley-Davidson website. 

2006 Harley-Davidson Factory Recalls

     I am hearing about lots of other information about these issues on the web but don't really have time to look them all up.  If you see a particularly good page or discussion group thread let me know and I'll link to it to help keep a centralized way for folks to get as much information as possible.  Email is michael@crowderinc.com.

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The credentials or existence of the authors of testimonial emails has not been positively verified.  I do try to establish at least two way communication with the authors of these posts.  That makes much of this information hearsay at best.  Please use your own judgment when reading these posts.  None of these would stand the scrutiny of a court of law without further verification.