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     There are some non-MoCo cheaper alternatives out there.  Be careful what you do to your bike though, as you would hate to void your warranty.  I am going to post all of the potential fixes I find or am told about.  I have to place a disclaimer here:  I am not an expert in this field.  This information is provided for the reader to discern for themselves.  Use your head and make your own decision and accept the responsibility for it.

    Here is a link to an aftermarket manufacturer that claims to have the fix.  Apparently the overheating/too lean condition is common on many EFI bikes.  These folks at Cobra claim their box fixes this issue for only 239.95 retail.  Of course I have no idea of what installing this will do to your H-D warranty.  So be sure and ask some questions before you install this device.


    Another good start that has been recommended by several independent wrenches and one MoCo dealer is the addition of an oil cooler.  From my experience with oil coolers and from emails that I have received from folks that have done this it won't completely cure the problem but it does help.  With this issue becoming common knowledge why doesn't H-D just start bolting them on at the factory in an attempt to improve their product for the end user?  All it would take is one more person on the assembly line and a truck load of oil coolers that they probably already have.  I guess they would rather sell it to you as an upgrade for extra cash in their pocket.

    Here is another explanation and fix for the mapping issue.  This guy fixed it himself.  I like folks that take the initiative and get it done.

Just wanted to drop a line. I have been riding all makes and models for over 30 years and in August bought a new 2007 SuperGlide.

I had no issues with the bike (motor runs great) until about 900 miles when the rear motor mount broke. On the Superglide frame this is a real bad deal ! Dealer gave me a brand new loaner and fixed it as soon as they could get parts in.

I do all of my own maint and when I did the 1000 mile scheduled service the spark plugs were just scarey. It looked like the engine was running terribly lean (not a good thing huh) Talking to the mechanic at the shop he said Harley had to lean the bike down to a 17to1 fuel/air ratio to pass emissions. Normally I would want this at about 14to1.

You don't really need the Stage1 kit and new mufflers to fix the problem.  I put a Power Commander III in my stock bike and put a custom MAP in it ,,,tweaked it a little bit and the bike does run smoother, cooler, has more power and the plugs are a nice light tan color like my grandpa taught me they should be. Cost was $300 to fix it.

Nice thing with the Power Commander is that if I stick a set of Screaming Eagle Mufflers on it and the Stage I kit it takes about 10 minutes to download the correct MAP and flash new software into the module. This setup DOES wake the 96"motor up!!!

I have had no wiring issues, but the SuperGlide is as bare bones as you can get a bike and there isn't much wiring to worry about anyway. I have had it 8 weeks now and thanks to a trip to Florida its got 4500 miles on it and runs like a champ.

Ride Safe
J. C.

    I have discovered what is supposed to be a cheap work around to the heat issue being marketed by Kuryakan.  It is nothing but a plastic shield that is supposed to deflect the heat.  These shields are marketed for 1997 through 2006 dressers but I have been told that they also fit '07 touring models.  Make sure and verify this before purchasing though.  If they work then it is a cheap alternative than our fix.


    Wow, one email reporting problems with three bikes.  I am getting these every day now.  Many folks do not want their emails posted because they think their dealers will recognize them from their symptoms and give them less than stellar service.  Some folks are letting me quote them but I am keeping full names out of it.

Hey there... I just bought a 2007 Electra glide standard about two weeks ago and have noticed that it runs really hot when I'm stopped I notice it the most, and also it absolutely does not want to shift into neutral!  I have to reach down with my hand almost every time I want the bike in neutral. 
My dad has two friends that also just recently bought a 2007 Electra Glide Classic each, both trading in their old bikes thinking they were getting something so much better with this new 2007 set up.  The first took his in for the extreme heat problem and the dealer installed a stage 1 kit free of charge, all he had to buy was a set of $500 pipes and his problem was solved, then our other friends actually burned his leg on his air cleaner a week and a half ago (about 2 weeks after our other friend has his bike repaired at the same dealer) and they are giving him a hard time, and he is actually having a meeting with the owner of the Harley dealer up where he bought his bike tomorrow...
Then there is me and my Standard...Bought it at a different dealer than my dads buddies up here in Ohio, but am having the same heat issues and then the problem with not wanting to click into neutral without reaching down and using my hand (its still tricky doing it this way as well)  So I am going to be visiting my dealer this week as well and see what kind of crap they give me and what I got to do to get this straightened out.
just know your not alone in your aggravation and problem with your new 2007 Harley.
Cleve, OH

   I have also been warned that putting the H-D race tuner on your new bike will void the warranty even if done by your dealership.  Our dealership says no but a couple of others say yes.  I just don't know what to think at this point.  Apparently each dealership has some room for interpretation of what is and is not warranty work.  Talked to a local buddy yesterday who said he had an issue with his 2006 and called our local dealership.  They said his problem was not covered under warranty and they would have to charge to fix it.  He then called Killer Creek and they said it was a warranty issue and to bring it on down.  They fixed it with no qualms.  It really seems strange how many different opinions and responses you can get from different dealers.  There seems to be little consistency.  Below is an email from a reader that warns against the MoCo S.E.R.T

Just a little more info so the buyers will be forewarned and forearmed against the MOCO. 
If you were to buy a Power Commander and install it on your  HD, it will fix the problem and be a very good tuning tool for the motorcycle.
But I would be a little cautious of buying a Screaming Eagle Race Tuner for the bike.  Reason is the SERT is VIN number specific and can NEVER be used on another bike, even to troubleshoot a potential problem.  It is   MARRIED      to the motorcycle it is installed ON and can NEVER be used on another bike.
This could be troublesome if you ever decide to sell the bike and want to keep the SERT or if your buddies bike is acting up, and you want to place it on his scooter and see if it will fix the problem he's having.
Most of us like to let everyone know of a potential problem with a particular model and like to help someone fix a problem without getting dragged thru the fire by the dealers, but very few bits of info have been spread about the potential problems with taking one item from one bike and transfering it to another.
This is a big problem with the SERT, but the Power Commander is easily moved and most tuners (here anyway) are more familiar with the PC and are more comfortable getting the best performance with something they trust. 

   We were at a real scooter shop yesterday to get some frame work done on our 78 (we are cutting the seat post and stretching the frame vertically so that an evolution engine will fit and I don't have the proper frame jig to do it right) and the owner/wrench said he is hearing about more problems with the 07's than he can count.  Apparently some folks are giving up on the dealerships and going outside of Harleys official network to try and get their problems resolved.  He mentioned excessive heat and transmission noise as the most common maladies. 

    11/10/2006.  I got this email from another independent wrench today.   He explains the horsepower differences between the 88's and the 96's.  He also weighs in on warranty issues as related to aftermarket parts.  This is more good information.

My view as an independent on the warranty question.
    In order for a manufacturer (HD, Ford, GM, etc) to void all or any part of a warranty they would have to show that any modifications made were the direct cause of the problem.
    Warranties are covered under federal law and regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Warranty coverage cannot be denied because parts (especially aftermarket parts) are or have been used on a vehicle. Coverage can only be denied if said part directly caused the problem.
    If you would like more detail go to the Specialty Equipment Market Association, www.sema.org. You can also go to the Federal Trade Commission, www.ftc.gov and look up the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The Act says warranty coverage may not be conditioned upon the use of only the vehicle manufacturer's parts unless the parts are provided free of charge. This also applies to the scheduled maintainance, lubricants, filters, etc.
    Good of you to put together this site. I too have a small independent shop and am hearing complaints about the 2007 Harleys. One point I would make is the MoCo increased displacement about 10% (from 88 to 96) but stock horse power went down about 10%; 2007 Ultras are showing 61 HP stock. I think they went to the 96" to keep HP above 60 with the poor engineering they did for emissions compliance.
    The above is a reply I made on Harley Tech Talk to a warranty question. Please feel free to post this information or this email in any form you would like on your site.


     I am sure there are more work arounds and fixes out there.    If you have a simple fix or even a complicated one please let me know.  In case you have missed it on the other pages my contact address is biners@crowderinc.com.

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The credentials or existence of the authors of testimonial emails has not been positively verified.  I do try to establish at least two way communication with the authors of these posts.  That makes much of this information hearsay at best.  Please use your own judgment when reading these posts.  None of these would stand the scrutiny of a court of law without further verification.